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sathi akter
Jul 30, 2022
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The license. This mentality of pushing the problem to the next NCC commissioner is the most critical reason for the ineffectiveness of this independent agency. The situation of Zhongtian TV has almost reached the point where everyone can kill it, but the NCC is still reluctant to make its own decisions. One of the biggest reasons for holding a public hearing is to externalize the responsibility, that is, if it decides not to grant it in the future. If the photo is changed, the bulk sms service responsibility will be passed to the public hearing. With this mentality, how can we expect the NCC to make drastic reforms to the domestic media environment? What's worse is that many politicians who are interested in manipulating this incident are also trying to link the NCC's inaction to the current Tsai Ing-wen government, rather than really discussing the NCC's ineffectiveness under the current system. What these politicians think is just to reap the political benefits of this incident, not really care about the media environment in Taiwan, and hope to make reforms. This is the saddest point. This article is reproduced with permission from " square ", the original text is published here Responsible editor: Peng Zhenxuan Reviewing editor: Weng Shihang you may also like From the perspective of freedom of speech, should we support Zhongtian? Does NCC treat Zhongtian differently when dealing with news station photo changes? NCC examines the application of Zhongtian Asia, the mid-term evaluation of Sanli News, and discusses the possibility of "news media bargaining" legislation Shut down Zhongtian on behalf of the government? "Freedom of speech" doesn't mean everything should be allowed "Zhongtian Holiday Punishment" and "Channel 52 Listing" should not be confused, and the NCC should no longer "actively express its position" [Lazy Bag] What's the noise about Zhongtian changing photos? Hearing Offense and Defense at a Time Favorite articlesSubscribe to this author View 0 View 0 TNL Web Salon Defends Your Voice, Feel Free to Speak Here Go to TNL Online Salon to see more topics 0 opinions more topics
TV has repeatedly violated the conditions for changing the license, it still grants the replacement of content media
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